Bettors Uganda is dedicated to producing high-quality content focused on sports betting. However, we also cover subjects related to casinos, virtuals and other niche betting-related content.

Our content is addressed to Ugandan residents only +18 users who want to know more about gambling and playing responsibly.Β 

Below you can find the type of content we specialise in:

Bookmakers reviews

Our mission is to provide bettors in Uganda with accurate and objective reviews of the licensed bookmakers in the market. For this reason, we regularly test their website to make sure that we provide only verified information to our readers.

We help our readers to get a clear understanding of the bookmakers’ terms and conditions of sign-up, products and promotions.

That being said, our team of local freelancers who are also the iGaming experts test the promo codes and the overall quality of the bookmakers’ website for you to make sure it meets our standards.Β 

Predictions and tips

Thanks to our extensive team of sports journalists and tipsters, we can provide our readers with top betting predictions and tips for upcoming matches. For that reason, we also teamed up with Betting Expert to make our predictions even more accurate. 

Our extensive predictions cover multiple sports and events and are always free and easily accessible to users in Kenya. Moreover, they are updated regularly since we aim to give our readers the most accurate tips in the market.

Educational content

We understand that bookmaker reviews and betting predictions cannot be utilised without proper knowledge of betting terms. That is why we strive to provide our readers with highly educational content supported by concrete examples and videos demonstrating the most popular betting terms. 

We also educate players on how to become responsible gamblers, which means that we never incite people into betting, and we provide all relevant information to prevent gambling addiction.Β 

How do we work?

We work with a team of local freelancers who have specialised knowledge about the betting industry. Moreover, they test the products such as their sites, promotions, mobile apps, etc beforehand so that our readers can enjoy reading the verified and objective content. The tests are performed regularly to keep up with the features’ evolution. 

Besides that, we have also implemented AI tools to manage the huge amount of sports betting data we cover. However, the AI-generated content is always verified by our team before publishing.