Sahara Games Registration: Step-by-Step Guide

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The Sahara Games registration process is quite simple, and this guide is all about how you can complete it without any hassle. Sahara Games is a sportsbook operated by the Sahara Game Technology Corporation. It is also available in Uganda and offers plenty of features to punters in the region.

How Does the Sahara Games Registration Process Work?

Sahara Games is a gaming company that offers both online and land-based facilities to punters so that they can place bets on their favourite sports. Signing up on Sahara Games means having access to all of its features and also getting the chance to win a welcome bonus.

The company is a licensed sportsbook and casino holding the appropriate licenses in Uganda. The legal age to create an account at Sahara Games is 18 years of age. However, the law is slightly different in Uganda and it requires punters to be at least 25 years old to be able to legally create an account on the sportsbook.

The Sahara Games registration is very simple. All punters need to do is follow these steps:

  1. First, launch the official Sahara Games website and click on the “Register” button which is next to the “Login” button.

  2. On the Ugandan website, there will be a prompt with three separate forms. For the first one, enter your mobile number and password.

  3. On the second form, enter your first name, your last name, and your email address. This step is optional. However, there will be a verification process later on for which the sportsbook will require your personal identification details.

  4. Tick the two fields on the third form. These fields are to verify that you are over the age of 25 and that you have read the Sahara Games Terms and Conditions along with the Privacy Policy.

  5. Once you have completed all of these steps, you can click confirm and your Sahara Games registration will be complete.

Sahara Games is very particular about keeping its punters’ information confidential. You won’t have to worry about your information getting into the wrong hands from Sahara Games.

Sahara Games Registration

Sahara Games Registration on Mobile

Sahara Games, at the time of writing this, does not have a mobile app for either Android or iOS devices. But it does have a mobile version of the website that punters can access to get all of the same features.

The Sahara Games sportsbook and casino are both available on the mobile version. And it should run on any mobile device that has a good processor and enough storage. If the Sahara Games website does not work with your mobile browser, it may be because of an outdated system or some other issue.

To complete the Sahara Games registration on mobile, punters can simply follow the steps we’ve mentioned below:

  1. First, open your mobile browser and run a search for Sahara Games. Enter the official website of the sportsbook and click on the “Register” button at the top right of the page.
  2. Just like on the desktop version, there will be a prompt. The first prompt will ask for your phone number and password. Make sure to enter the correct information.
  3. The next step is to enter your full name, first and last separately, and email address. This step is not mandatory and it is up to the player’s discretion whether or not to provide it.
  4. Make sure to thoroughly go through the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy so as not to miss any details. Verify that you are over the age of 25 and state your agreement to the Terms and Conditions of Sahara Games.
  5. If you have completed all the steps, press confirm and the Sahara Games registration will be complete via the mobile version of the official website.

You can also create an account by sending “BET” to 6969 and entering the link.

Sahara Games Uganda Identity Verification Process

When you first create an account on Sahara Games, the sportsbook requires you to enter your phone number along with some other information. After you create your login password, you should receive a one-time code to your phone in order to verify your registration.

After the creation of your account, you must complete an identity verification process. As we’ve mentioned before, punters must be the age of 25 or more to complete the Sahara Games registration in Uganda.

When you login to your Sahara Games account for the first time after your registration, go to the sports menu. There, you will receive a prompt asking you to fill a form with your personal data. This form is important since you need to have your account and identity verified before you can make any withdrawals from Sahara Games.

This form requires your first and last name, gender, date and place of birth, postal code and address. It also requires an email address. For punters who opted to skip the second form during the Sahara Games registration, this is the time to enter the data that was skipped.

You must also give your phone number and select your preferred language and currency. And finally, the operator requires you to provide a valid copy of any identification document. This can be any document bearing your name and photographs such as a Passport or ID card.

You can access and alter all of this data at any time from your Sahara Games account. This information is kept confidential and secured in the Sahara Games database.

In case of any issues with your personal information or identification at Sahara Games, you can contact the operator’s support team to have it resolved.

Registration Requirements

Sahara Games is a sportsbook currently operating with a license in Uganda. In general, most sportsbooks require punters to be 18 years old in order to create an account or register legally. However, in compliance with the laws in Uganda, Sahara Games requires punters to be at least 25 years of age to meet the registration requirements.

Besides being of legal age, punters must have some sort of personal identification documents. This may be a Passport or any other kind of ID. As long as the document contains the punter’s name and photograph, it will be accepted by Sahara Games.

And lastly, the punter must have an active SIM and mobile number which they can use to complete the Sahara Games registration.

Welcome Bonus

Sahara Games has a pretty exciting welcome bonus for all punters in Uganda. To avail the bonus, punters must complete the Sahara Games registration and be over the age of 25. There is also a provision for a Sahara Games promo code during registration. However, that is not the gist of this bonus.

This is a welcome bonus or first deposit bonus in the Sahara Games sports section. The bonus is a free bet that punters can win after meeting the criteria for the bonus.

To obtain the bonus, punters must first create an account with Sahara Games. During the identity verification process, it is also recommended for punters to provide a payment method to the operator.

Next, punters must make a deposit of 2000 UGX or more to their account. Using those funds, they must place a bet which has odds of 2.6 or higher. Once all of these requirements are met, punters will receive a free bet from Sahara Games.

Any bonus money won here will be immediately credited to the punters account. This bonus is only available to new players registering from Uganda.

How to Deposit

There are several deposit methods at Sahara Games for Ugandan punters that are widely used all over Africa. These methods include Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money, and Mobile Money.

For Airtel Money, punters can deposit money to their accounts by dialling *185# and completing the prompts. Alternatively, players can also make deposits by going to their Sahara Games account and clicking on “Deposit.” After entering the amount they wish to deposit and the Airtel Money pin number, the amount will be instantly credited to the punter’s account.

Punters making deposits through MTN Mobile Money can also just dial *165# and complete the prompts to make the deposit.

And for Mobile Money, just like Airtel Mobile Money, punters must have it set in their Sahara games account as a payment method. Deposits can be made by going into the deposit tab, selecting Mobile Money, entering an amount and the users Pin.

These payment methods are used by many sportsbooks in Africa. We would also advise punters to make sure they have enough funds in their account before making a deposit.

Sahara Games Deposit Methods

How to Withdraw from Sahara Games

Withdrawals can be made at Sahara Games from the punter’s Sahara Bet account or by the SMS method. To make withdrawal requests, punters must first complete their identity verification process.

There should be a payment number previously set to your Sahara Games account where the withdrawal will be made. Punters can make withdrawal requests by going to their account, navigating to the withdrawals section and clicking on the number which was set.

Afterwards, they have to select an amount and click on “Pay.” The money will be then sent to the punter’s account.

Withdrawals can also be made via SMS by texting GET#AMOUNT to 6969.

The minimum withdrawal amount at Sahara Games is 1000 UGX and the maximum daily withdrawal is 1,500,000 UGX for all online accounts.

Sahara Games Registration Uganda FAQs

To wrap up our guide on the Sahara Games registration process, we’ve answered some FAQs that might help you complete your registration.

💰 What is the minimum deposit for Sahara Games?

The minimum deposit for Sahara Games depends on the region and currency used by the punter. In Uganda, the minimum deposit is 500 UGX with a minimum deposit fee of 110 UGX. There is also a maximum deposit worth 7 million UGX with a fee of 5500 UGX.

📱 Does Sahara Games have an app?

Sahara Games currently has not developed an app for iOS or Android devices which can be downloaded. However, the operator has a mobile version of the website which can be accessed using any mobile device. The mobile website is optimized and works quite fast and smoothly as well.

🎁 What is the Sahara Games welcome bonus?

Sahara Games has a welcome bonus by which customers can win a free bet by completing the Sahara Games registration and depositing a minimum of 2000 UGX to their account. They must also place a bet with odds of 2.6 or higher. And to complete the registration process, punters must be over the age of 25.

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